So excited to be expanding into the South Hills region of Pittsburgh! With so many great restaurants, the potential for countless crayons is huge. Had great conversations with managers at Atria’s in Mt. Lebanon, Olive Garden and TGI Friday’s in Bethel Park.

Becky at Atria’s didn’t even need to hear my entire sales routine — she jumped on board before I’d hardly gotten the words out of my mouth.  Pretty spectacular.

Charlie at Olive Garden was so receptive and kind. He even offered to potentially have his location be a central dropping-off point for other Olive Gardens in the region to leave their crayons for a more convenient pick-up by our volunteer.  We will definitely take him up on that as more Olive Gardens get involved… which is in the works!

And Dave at TGI Friday’s — I have to say a huge thank you, as it seems Dave was involved with a similar project some years ago, and it didn’t run as smoothly as it should have. To his credit, he was more than willing to give it another shot.  So many of these restaurants have many causes that they support, and TGI Friday’s is a very busy place.  To ask his staff to add another item to their already full agenda is much appreciated.

I’m feeling very fortunate today to have spoken to three such thoughtful and giving individuals, and look forward to working with them!

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