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What do we do?

Most children who receive crayons at a restaurant leave them behind when they finish their meal, after which restaurant staff will toss these abandoned treasures into the trash. NCLB collects these gently used or often totally untouched crayons and donates them to organizations and institutions that serve under-resourced kids and their communities. We also receive donations of both new and used crayons from generous businesses, schools, organizations and individuals.

How do we do it?

Through our partnerships with a growing roster of super awesome restaurants, an incredible network of passionate volunteers, as well as schools and other businesses, committed to joining us in our mission to rescue usable crayons and deliver them to children and others who will use them to enrich themselves and their environments. We sort and clean all the used crayons we receive, and those that are too damaged to be useful are simply melted down and recycled into brand new usable ones!

Why do we do it?

Why WOULDN’T we? When you give a kid a crayon, you give them access to the most empowering tools of all: their own imagination, creativity and self-expression. By preventing these crayons from ending up in landfills, we better the lives of children, as well as the earth they will inherit.

What our partners say

"We started volunteering for No Crayon Left Behind as a means to interact with our surrounding community. Over the past two years we have discovered truth in the saying, “you get back what you put in.” Our clients look forward to collecting and sorting crayons each month. These may seem like small tasks, but they are huge skill-building opportunities for our consumers, furthering their employability. Our folks also engage in critical socialization by going into the restaurants to collect their salvaged crayons. These activities strengthen their confidence and hiring potential."
--October Solito, Vocational Specialist at UPMC Vocational Training Center

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