We are absolutely THRILLED to have finally achieved one of our long-term goals as an organization: the ability to send crayons overseas.

Thanks to Peace Corps volunteer, Caitlin Stechschulte, and her super proactive mom, both of whom seized the opportunity to contact us, crayons that otherwise would have ended up in THE TRASH (!) will now end up in the hands of students at a Neddie Neswie (women’s center) in Talsint, a village in Morocco.

morocco_schoolkids_1 copy

While the new school is under construction, the children are in temporary classrooms at the Dar Chabab (youth center).


This is such an exciting time for us, knowing that these crayons — all too frequently considered a disposable item — have traveled across the world to enable and empower these students in their educational and creative endeavors.

And thanks must be given to our generous restaurant partners who’ve chosen to salvage and donate their crayons to us, rather than toss them away in the garbage, like the majority of other restaurants.  Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the management and staff of these establishments for their willingness to make the effort of saving these crayons for reuse and recycling by children who desperately want and need them!


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