Apologies for the infrequency of our updates! A lot’s been going on with us as we continue to grow rapidly. We now have close to 60 restaurants, and add new ones nearly every month.  Some exciting news happened as DuBois, PA became our newest territory, with the addition of a Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday (our first of this great restaurant chain!), and possibly the DuBois Eat’N Park.

We had thought to slow our expansion a bit during the summer, just to catch our breath, but then Jenna, a manger of the DuBois Red Lobster sought us out and said they’d like to join our program. As this is the first time someone has approached us, rather than vice versa, we were thrilled.  Word of the organization is spreading, and so is support for its mission.

We hope more managers like Jenna take the initiative and come find us.

Please continue to check this site, as well as our Facebook Page, to see just how far we’ve come in less than two years!

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