So thrilled and excited to welcome two new restaurants with whom we are already in business in many other locations: Eat’n Park and TGI Friday’s!  Monroeville is a very busy area with a lot of great places to eat…. and a lot of crayons to collect! They have given us such a warm welcome there, and we are so jazzed about extending our reach into this territory.

A big thank you to Randy at TGI Friday’s, who hilariously confessed that he’d forgotten all about me and this organization not long after I’d first approached him about getting involved. He went on vacation and did what one should do on vacation — cleared his mind of work-related things.  So glad I called him back to remind him about our conversation. He was immediately on board and said they’d get started right away.

Also need to thank Julia at Eat’n Park! She required virtually no persuasion or selling on my part, and was happy to get involved. Always love these kinds of phone calls!

Once again feeling very fortunate that this organization is putting me in touch with really great people who want to do good deeds for others for no other reason than they feel it’s the right thing to do and they’re in a position to do it.

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