Had an amazing conversation with Salena this morning at Monroeville’s Bob Evans. She could not have been cooler. She was immediately excited to get involved with our program, and even offered to hold a community fundraiser at their location, possibly in conjunction with any other Bob Evans locations that participate with us. I will definitely be taking her up on that in the near future!

And with an apology, I’d like to give a belated welcome to the Red Lobster in Monroeville. They’ve been with us for a few months now, but were never properly thanked, as they’ve been bringing their salvaged crayons over to the Red Lobster in West Mifflin and adding their crayons together, and so we’ve never actually collected directly from their location. It wasn’t until today, after speaking with Cubby, that I was made aware that they’d been participating. So thank you, Cubby, and the rest of your staff in Monroeville. We greatly appreciate your involvement, and again — sorry you didn’t get your props sooner!

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