We were thrilled to hear from Victoria, a volunteer with Peace Corps Morocco

who’s doing amazing things in Ouezzane, and we are honored to be a part of her efforts.

Thank you to Victoria, who sent us the following note and photos:

“Thank you again for sending us so many wonderful crayons!  The kids love them!  Here are some photos of us celebrating their arrival.  Every week, the students learn 2-3 English words so I taught them how to say “Thank you” (which is written below in Arabic, pronounced “shokran”).

Shokran bzaf, sahabti! Thank you so much, my friend!”

 ouezzane2 ouezzane1 ouezzane3 ouezzane4 ouezzane5 ouezzane6 ouezzane7 ouezzane8 ouezzane9 ouezzane10 ouezzane11

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