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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Exciting news from No Crayon Left Behind:


Thanks to the tireless work of our South Bay, Los Angeles chapter, 1500 crayons that could have landed in the trash have instead made their first voyage to Haiti, where they found a great home at the Chances for Children orphanage.  A second shipment will be arriving  there next month. Thank you again to all the amazing volunteers who helped make this possible!


The latest sign of all our recent good fortune is the addition of Pounders Pub & Grub, a great place to get craft beers in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Thanks to Emily and the rest of her staff, this is our first presence in the Mt. Rushmore state, and we are psyched to be there! We look forward to a long partnership, and hope that
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Hello Buckeyes!

We land in Ohio with not one but four restaurants!! Thanks to the dynamic efforts of Eileen Pamer, who brought on four locations of the wonderful Parasson’s Italian Restaurant in Akron, Stow and Barberton. We are psyched to be in the land of the Buckeyes, a good neighbor of our home state of Pennsylvania. As if this weren’t fabulous enough, they began their partnership
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Westward Ho!!

We have to pinch ourselves over the amazing good fortune we’ve experienced in recent weeks!  Thank you to the fabulous Kara of El Chico in Lawton, and Nicholette of Abuelo’s in East Plano, we now have our first partners in Oklahoma and Texas!  And we are certain more restaurants in those respective states will be coming on board sooner than we once imagined possible.
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There is no welcome large enough to express our gratitude to the amazing Amber Beader, Assistant GM at Denny’s Restaurant in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Through her boundless energy and passion for charitable work, Amber brought on 16 Denny’s located throughout New York and Pennsylvania, making Denny’s now our single biggest donor. Amber is quick to point out that her management and co-workers were all extremely
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We’ve Hit Florida!!!

A huge thanks and welcome to our first restaurants in Florida: 6 Gecko’s Grill & Pubs in Sarasota and Brandenton, and The Dry Dock Waterfront Grill in Longboat Key! And special appreciation to Fiona Farrell of Gecko’s Hospitality Group, who reached out to us with a desire to make this amazing partnership happen. We are so excited to have Gecko’s and The Dry Dock
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An amazing group of seventh graders in Altoona, PA held a competitive crayon drive that resulted in an astonishing 90 POUNDS!! of crayons being collected for donation to No Crayon Left Behind.  We want to express our gratitude to all those awesome kids, and of course to their fabulous teachers and administrators, who are making this possible. The icing on the cake?  We got
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Thanks to the amazing Kaylan Gayheart and her fellow staff at the Islamorada Fish Company in Denver, NCLB has reached Colorado! Kaylan sought us out, letting us know that her restaurant would love to become a partner donor restaurant, and we’re thrilled to welcome them.  We’ve already received their first shipment of crayons, and those have been packaged and prepared for distribution to the
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Eagle Service Unit at Freedom Prep Inspires Us!

We’d love to introduce our supporters to the wonderful work done by the Eagle Service Unit (ESU) at Freedom Preparatory Academy in Provo, Utah.  One of their members contacted us with the welcome news that NCLB had been chosen as a service project to be performed by their members. Each of the students in this awesome organization takes a turn leading a service project
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NCLB SB Sends First Shipment of Crayons to Guatemala!

Many thanks to the wonderful Cindy Holdorff, who brought 5000 crayons from Los Angeles to Guatemala, where she gave them to members of the outstanding organization, Mayan Families so that they could be distributed.  Seeing the joy on the faces of these children is just further proof of the power of crayons and kindness.