Well, not exactly. But we’ve reached the amazing milestone of having over 50 restaurants on board with our program!

Thanks must be given to our two newest King’s Family Restaurants, one in Neville Township and the other in Monroeville, for pushing us past the fifty line.

Though our ability to distribute the decals has been a bit slow, know that soon enough you’ll be able to see it on the windows, doors and other visible areas of many of our partner restaurants, letting you and the rest of the community know when you’ve entered an establishment that truly cares about giving back to the community, its children and its environment.

And if you don’t see a decal, feel free to ask a manager if they’ve heard of our program or might be interested in getting involved!  (Also, in fairness, please note that some corporate-owned restaurants have rules preventing them from displaying things such as our decals. So just because they don’t have one doesn’t mean they don’t participate…)

Here’s to the next fifty!!


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