Our brand new program to get critical technology into the hands of those who urgently need it.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, every sector of society has experienced tremendous stressors, with those populations that were already vulnerable experiencing the worst impacts. Even the most mundane aspects of daily life have become challenging, and sometimes deadly. But nowhere is this more evident than in those communities struggling with the many consequences of economic insecurity.

Social distancing and other policies implemented to help slow the spread of this disease have quite literally left millions of our fellow Americans stranded on the other side of an ever-widening and increasingly damaging digital divide. Without so much as a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, entire communities have been cut off from education, employment, access to life-sustaining information, resources and critical social connections. 

Now, more than ever, these devices are not a luxury. They are a lifeline.

In response to this crisis, we recently launched No Computer Left Behind, which is helping those left behind by utilizing our successful model built on collecting and distributing previously used but still useful, readily available, much needed resources. We are accepting donations of operational tablets, laptop and desktop computers and redistributing them, FREE OF CHARGE, to folks whose lives are made more challenging due to a lack of this kind of technology. In addition, we are planning to fund 3-6 months of basic internet service to any device recipient whose home currently lacks it.

If you have a tablet, desktop or laptop that currently isn’t being used, please click here to learn how you can help those who have been hit hardest by this unprecedented global crisis.

If you or someone you know is in urgent need of a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, please click here. We’re ready to help!

If you don’t have a spare device but would still like to help, you can click here to make a monetary donation. No amount is too small to be helpful and appreciated.