Had a productive and exciting meeting at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank! Christina, Ehrrin and Amber were so gracious with their time, insights and expertise as we brainstormed ways to collaborate.

Kids whose families rely on the Food Bank for their survival are kids for whom even a crayon is a luxury.  Thinking about that, it dawned on me that a logical way to get crayons to kids who might desperately want them would be to join in with the Food Bank and their numerous partners when they distribute food.

We are currently focusing on finding a way to work together utilizing two of their awesome programs: Summer Food Service and Produce to People.

Our goal is to distribute crayons to families with young children when they come to receive their food.

The statistics for how many families are served by the GPCFB are staggering. Just walking into their vast warehouse was a tragic illustration of the enormity of their job and of how many people they are literally trying to help survive by helping them get enough to eat.

While the need for this Food Bank to exist is nothing short of incredibly sad and upsetting, it is also uplifting to see an operation of this magnitude, and to know that there are people out there who are dedicating their lives to bettering the well-being of others in such a basic and essential way.

I am really jazzed about working with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and their staff. While the logistics of our collaboration might take some time to work out, I know this will prove to be a fruitful partnership.  And the thought that these kids will show up to get food and also get the pleasant surprise of receiving crayons and coloring pages is really energizing. These kids and their families take nothing for granted, and that is a great lesson for the rest of us.



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