Do you have a tablet, desktop or laptop that currently isn’t being used? Does it sit sadly forgotten in a corner, or on a shelf gathering dust, while you use your shinier, newer technology? Are you looking for a simple way to help others cope with the unprecedented health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, read on!

(If you or someone you know is in urgent need of a donated laptop, desktop or tablet, please click here to learn how to get one!)

Health and safety concerns increasingly require that our daily needs and activities be handled online, making it more important than ever that all families have access to the internet. Too many folks have no hardware of their own, while many families are struggling to share a single device among all members who now must use it for school, employment and access to vital information and resources. 

These devices are not a luxury. They are a lifeline.

And you can help us get urgently needed technology into the hands of a neighbor in need by generously letting your old device become someone’s new best friend. Donating your tablet or computer will do more than make someone’s life a lot easier; it could be the difference between staying employed and losing a job, between continuing school or falling a year behind, between staying up-to-date on how to stay healthy and falling tragically ill.

Your donated device could quite literally save a life.

Volunteers will be collecting devices from donors’ homes, unless you prefer that we set a time and location to meet and take the item from you. All best safety practices will be implemented, including the wearing of gloves and masks, utilizing social distancing, and wiping each item down with disinfectant. We will be distributing them in a similarly safe manner. 

  • The only requirements are that the machine be in basic working order and that you remove all personal data. (Please be sure to include the power cord. If you’ve misplaced yours, please let us know.)
  • If you need help with erasing your data, we are happy to provide instructions.
  • For those with PCs, we will take care of reinstalling a Windows operating system prior to distributing it. For those with Apple devices, the operating systems will still remain intact even after the device has been reset.
  • For those recipients lacking access to internet service, we will soon be announcing a fundraising drive to cover the cost of getting service to these folks.

Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

No Computer Left Behind is a program of No Crayon Left Behind, which is a 501c3 nonprofit. All donors will receive a receipt of acknowledgment, which can be used for tax purposes in accordance with the law.