In need of a tablet, laptop or desktop?

During this difficult and challenging time created by the COVID-19 pandemic, when health and safety increasingly require that our daily needs and activities be handled online, it is more important than ever that all families have adequate access to the internet. Too many folks have no computers or tablets of their own, while many families struggle to share a single device among all its members who now must use it for school, employment and access to vital information and resources. 

Now, more than ever, these devices are not a luxury. They are a critical lifeline.

If you or someone you know is in urgent need of a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, please read on! We’re here to help.

No Computer Left Behind is a new program of No Crayon Left Behind. We built our nonprofit organization on the belief that perfectly good, usable and useful items don’t need to go to waste, and we’ve delivered nearly two million crayons, and other art and school supplies, free of charge, into the hands of those who used and appreciated them.

Today, we are so happy to begin delivering tablets, laptops and desktops to folks whose lives are made more challenging due to a lack of this kind of technology. Our inventory will include both new and used devices, but all will be in working condition and FREE OF CHARGE to all recipients.

If you’d like to receive a tablet, laptop or desktop, please fill out the form below.

  • There is no need to prove eligibility.
  • Requests will be fulfilled based on the order received and available inventory.
  • You may note your preference for the kind of item and operating system you’d like, but we cannot guarantee that preference will be accommodated.
  • All requests will be kept confidential.

Devices will be delivered to your home utilizing the best available safety practices, including the wearing of gloves and masks, and all devices will be sanitized.

Delivery arrangements will be made in a follow-up email once we have received your request and we have verified that we have a device available for you.

If you lack cable service, and/or there is no provider in your area, please be sure to respond to the appropriate questions in the form below.