Keeping crayons out of landfills is rewarding enough.  But knowing that they’re heading overseas to two more rural towns in Morocco is incredibly exciting and gratifying!

We’re shipping 1,000 crayons to the town of Jemaa Shaim, where Peace Corps Volunteer Jessica will be using them in a variety of activities for kids and teens of all ages.

We’ll also be sending crayons to another town, Bni Tajit, where Jillian, also a Peace Corps volunteer, has some truly inspired ideas for educating the children through creative expression.  As she says in her email:

“I would like to lead some activities that include drawing and creativity components to explore assumptions about gender and stereotypes but have been putting them off until I can find drawing supplies for the youth to use, crayons would be perfect for this. Independent of this particular goal, it would be wonderful to have the art supplies for future art activities as well.”

Just think of it — many of us are fortunate enough to be able to dine in a restaurant without giving it a second thought.  That kind of casual attitude often extends to the free crayons given out to customers with children.  And then to think that those crayons are simply left behind because those same customers could easily buy crayons for their children any time they want, without a moment’s pause.

So many of us are so incredibly lucky, and because of that, so much is taken for granted.  These crayons that are so easily discarded can make a world of difference for millions of children, world-wide.

With your help, we can continue ensuring that many crayons are treated as the treasures they really are, and not the trash we thoughtlessly turn them into.

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