(because just the fact that you’re curious about this info means you’re already a pretty spectacular person.)

Here are some really simple ways you can help:

  • Donate your used crayons. (We accept crayons in any condition, as we will melt down those that are very damaged and turn them into new ones).
  • Don’t have any used crayons to donate? No problem — We also accept brand new ones!
  • Help us prepare previously collected crayons for distribution to those in need by sorting and bundling. (This is a great activity for both individuals and groups, and can be done by folks of all ages and abilities!)
  • Collect crayons from any of our partner restaurants. (For more info on this, scroll down)
  • Organize a crayon collection drive through your school, organization or business
  • Donate $. Any amount will be appreciated and aid us in our mission to improve the lives of children in need.
  • Spread the word about our work!

Get started today by filling out this contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Send us an Email!Step 1 – Send us an email, letting us know you’re interested in volunteering.

Check the Map!

Step 2 – We’ll provide you with a list of participating restaurants that would be geographically convenient for you and a date by which we’d like you to make the collections.

Mark your Calendar!

Step 3* – Pick a date that works best for you, and drive to these restaurants.

Introduce yourself!

Step 4 – Introduce yourself to a staff member at each restaurant, and let them know you’re a volunteer for NCLB. They will give you the crayons they’ve set aside.

Hand off! Step 5 – Drop off all the crayons you’ve collected at a mutually convenient place and time that we will come up with together.

*Most restaurants are incredibly flexible and will pretty much hand over the crayons any time a volunteer shows up. However, it’s not advisable to go during their peak lunch or dinner hours, as the staff is usually quite busy, and you might end up waiting a while until they can go and fetch them.

** Most restaurants only need to have their crayons collected every 4-8 weeks. You don’t even have to set up a regular commitment with us. Simply let us know whenever you’re willing and able to make collections and we’ll work it out from there. No long-term responsibility required! We’ll be happy with any help you can offer.


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