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(because just the fact that you’re curious about this info means you’re already a pretty spectacular person.)

You can start by filling out this contact form and getting in touch with us.

OR, continue reading to learn about some really simple ways you can help:

 Collecting crayons from participating restaurants (for more information on this, scroll down)
Donate now.  Any amount of $ will be appreciated and put to good use.
 Spreading the word.
 Emailing us the names and locations of restaurants you frequent that supply crayons to young customers. We’ll contact them and see if they’d like to get involved.

As we continue to expand, our needs will grow. But for now, helping with any of these things would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks!

We hope to hear from you 🙂


Send us an Email!Step 1 – Send us an email, letting us know you’re interested in volunteering.

Check the Map!

Step 2 – We’ll provide you with a list of participating restaurants that would be geographically convenient for you and a date by which we’d like you to make the collections.

Mark your Calendar!

Step 3* – Pick a date that works best for you, and drive to these restaurants.

Introduce yourself!

Step 4 – Introduce yourself to a staff member at each restaurant, and let them know you’re a volunteer for NCLB. They will give you the crayons they’ve set aside.

Hand off! Step 5 – Drop off all the crayons you’ve collected at a mutually convenient place and time that we will come up with together.

*Most restaurants are incredibly flexible and will pretty much hand over the crayons any time a volunteer shows up. However, it’s not advisable to go during their peak lunch or dinner hours, as the staff is usually quite busy, and you might end up waiting a while until they can go and fetch them.

** Most restaurants only need to have their crayons collected every 4-8 weeks. You don’t even have to set up a regular commitment with us. Simply let us know whenever you’re willing and able to make collections and we’ll work it out from there. No long-term responsibility required! We’ll be happy with any help you can offer.