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Thanks so much for visiting our site! It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for nearly a decade. With help from compassionate, concerned people like you, we’ve expanded our reach to big cities and remote villages, from small community centers to large groups of military veterans. Even those of us who’ve been working at this organization since its inception remain amazed and surprised by the countless ways in which crayons are being used to improve the lives of children and adults. While technological advances continue to change the world on an almost daily basis, we’ve seen no decrease whatsoever in the urgent need for crayons. Thankfully, we’ve also seen no decrease in the numbers of generous organizations, businesses and individuals willing to donate their new and used crayons to those who otherwise would not have any. While you’re here, please check out the many easy ways you can join our efforts. Whether you’re a future volunteer, a donor, or someone in need of crayons, we welcome you to our program, and are thrilled to have you. Thank you for giving your valuable time to learn more about us, and why we continue to believe it is critical that we leave no crayon behind.

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Our Mission

To aid our environment and the children who will inherit it by diverting new and used crayons away from landfills and into the hands of under-resourced youth and communities who will use them to empower, explore and express themselves.

Our Vision

To be able to deliver an adequate supply of usable crayons to any individual or group — anywhere in the world — that would otherwise lack them in order that they can pursue creative, academic, developmental and therapeutic endeavors.

Our Projects

No Computer Left Behind

A soon-to-be launched program to deliver critical technology to those in need.

No Computer Left Behind
C3 & C3 Jr. Events

Want to relax and have a good time while doing a good deed for those in need? Plan a C3 event! These events are designed to allow a group to gather, drink (or eat some delicious crayon-shaped cookies) – All while helping get crayons to both children and adults in underserved areas locally, nationally, and globally.



October Solito
October Solito
“We started volunteering for No Crayon Left Behind as a means to interact with our surrounding community. Over the past two years we have discovered truth in the saying, “you get back what you put in.” Our clients look forward to collecting and sorting crayons each month. These may seem like small tasks, but they are huge skill-building opportunities for our consumers, furthering their employability. Our folks also engage in critical socialization by going into the restaurants to collect their salvaged crayons. These activities strengthen their confidence and hiring potential. October Solito Vocational Specialist – UPMC Vocational Training Center“


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